And Agile for All, Second Shot

After pushing my post "And Agile for All", I immediately received a great feedback (thank you Joachim) saying "Watch out, that's not the nation!". I tried to understand where exactly the problem was, that the agile didn't suit to all cultures. Is it a problem of the culture (as I stated) or maybe a problem of agile, though? But agile is a process of developing software and as a well-defined method should work regardless to the context it is used in…

And I have found the answer here: "Agile development is more culture than process" by Jeff Patton. It was really great to be able to match my questions and concerns to the sentences in that post. I would recommend reading this article carefully to anyone fascinated by agile. It's great.

But, what is very valuable for me, is the Jeff's conclusion regarding to "so what?":

- Underscore agile values that motivate practice

- Identify organization values that compete with agile values

- Be sensitive to culture shock

So, now I think I will have to give them (other cultures) a chance for the second shot. And for myself too :).



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