Thinking "Beautiful" or "Agile" when Architecting Architecture

Working as the lead architect in my current project I decided to choose agile way of designing architecture. I decided to let architecture grow with the project. I decided to choose pragmatic approach making (as far as possible) architectural decisions that suit to the needs of the project. Decisions that align engineering benefits with the costs, thus reduce risks. And it works.

However focusing on the topics mentioned above causes admittedly the architecture to be agile (risk-driven, pragmatic etc.) but does not guarantee that the resulting architecture will be simply beautiful.

It is like designing a perfect house to live in, but possibly ugly when you look at it. And most probably a beautiful house will be more expensive as the "pragmatic" one, being however more attractive to the residents. Quite interesting trade-off that in my opinion should not be forgotten in case of a software architecture.

A perfect software architecture is agile and beautiful as well.


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