2x Agile Architecture from the Trenches - Frankfurt/Germany, Krakow/Poland

It gives me great pleasure to announce with my talk about "Agile Architecture from the Trenches" at:
Do you think Agile Architecture is an oxymoron? Do you want to know what RQC abbreviation is an how it relates to the agile architecture? If so just join me at these events.


Architectural Way of Catching Business Functionality Explained

An agile architecture should be designed in the way it aligns to the business requirements, thus focusing on the software parts that directly amplify business value and enhance adaptation capability (reaction to change).

These requirements have to be documented using semantic that is perfectly understood by all project teams and using syntax that can be afterwards effectively and efficiently used by the developers, who will develop the system. The trivial helper like user stories defined based on the predefined syntax (as a ... I'd like to have etc.) are good but far not enough to catch the core of the business requirements. They focus on the single activity of a system even if cohesive grouped together. To describe business functionality you need a "holistic" instrument. We need business models.