Agile Architecture From the Trenches Slides from ACE 2015

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In my latest ten years, working as an IT consultant in the area of enterprise architecture, I got more and more questions about combination of the agile software engineering (not just only development) and the enterprise architecture which comprises business and software architecture. Especially for the big organizations it is a challenging topic due to their internal culture and structure that doesn't really suit to the values and principles of "being agile" as defined by the Agile Manifesto.


Five Orders of Ignorance and Three Agile Architecture Views

Triggered by Geritts Beine's post and his article in the current Business Technology about black swans and the laws of software process I decided to review my concept of the Agile Architecture against Five Orders of Ignorance as defined by Phillip G. Armour in 2000.
I got a feeling that this concept better suits to the context as my previous one called RQC (risk driven, quality focused, and complexity is the enemy).

In summary Armour defines OIs as follows:
  • 0th Order of Ignorance (0OI)—Lack of Ignorance
  • 1st Order of Ignorance (1OI)—Lack of Knowledge
  • 2nd Order of Ignorance (2OI)—Lack of Awareness
  • 3rd Order of Ignorance (3OI)—Lack of Process
  • 4th Order Ignorance (4OI)—Meta Ignorance

And (what a great feeling) as a matter of fact I was finally able to reason about my Three Views on Agile Architecture as three complementary elements:
  • Design Process View
  • Construction Flavour View
  • System Behavior View