Agile Culture Capability Model at JAX 2015 Conference in Germany

Offshore, nearshore, outsourcing? “No, I don’t want that, not once again” many IT managers would say… and not without a reason. Plenty of enterprises have already run classical, waterfall projects with the mix of onsite and nearshore or offshore teams. Unfortunately most of them have ended without success. Quite fast a question may arise whether the used methodology was an appropriate one.

The hype of the agile project management has created a naive hope that finally the nearshore and offshore projects can be executed successfully. “Agile is the cure!”. Unfortunately, this naive believe proved to be wrong, and quite often the achieved results of these projects were similarly bad or even worse comparing them to the classical approach.

An agile project, when run onsite, delivers much better results than a similar waterfall project. However we have observed many problems with the effectiveness and efficiency of agile projects if they were run in the combination with nearshore or offshore teams. These problems were clearly associated with the cultural differences between the teams. Interestingly, this negative influence of the cultural differences was definite stronger on agile projects comparing to the waterfall projects… Do other cultural standards than our western ones hamper the acceptance of the agile values and principles? Is the agility something basically western? Can we measure an “agile capability” of a team or individual?

This session focuses on the "Agile Culture Capability Model" (ACCM) that allows delivering answers to these questions. The ACCM model is based on the proven literature about cultural standards and the personal experience collected by the author during his professional career as an IT-Consultant.  The author of this talk is Pole who lives and works for many years in Germany together with his Brazilian wife. He has led successfully many agile projects in Germany with the nearshore (Poland, Romania) and offshore (Japan, China, India) teams. He hopes that he ACCM can help you to be successful as well.


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